With a sensitive history, great commitment, education in diet and exercise and a will of steel - I have a special expertise in motivating and inspiring young enthusiasts.

Regardless of background, ethnicity and history, we can always gather around football. It is precisely in the clubs that many find security, togetherness and new opportunities.
But how to take the step further? Is it possible to go all the way and achieve the dreams you go with?

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With 15 years of experience as a professional football player in, among other things, the Super League, I have experience with everything from injuries, successes, setbacks, goal crises, discrimination, bad coaches and loneliness. In these ups and downs, it dawned on me that I am my own biggest enemy. Even if the challenges seem external.

My purpose in the motivation of young football talents is to make them realize that the biggest brake block you encounter in your career will always be yourself, and that it is precisely the work with yourself that makes the big difference. A coach can not be convinced by words, just as a goal crisis can not be stopped by asking the opponent for permission to score.
Hard work, dedication, continuity and a steely belief in one's own abilities are the way forward. And whether you want it or not, this is also where many fall from.

Alongside my football career, I have trained as an EHFA certified personal trainer. This means that I have the official education in training, coaching and dietary guidance of individuals. It gives me not only the opportunity to coach and guide in mental training, but also in the physical part via scientific and manageable advice.

A lecture will most often start with my own personal story, which is about how I, as an injured 2nd team player, became the top scorer in FCK's youth ranks, later became a super league player and made my debut 8 hours before my father's death.

I talk about attitude, attitude, self-training, self-perception and self-staging.
In addition, I disprove and confirm myths about the football world, training, health and give an honest and motivating insight into what it means to 'live off' playing football.

If desired, I bring diet plans and exercise programs to inspire the players.


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Then we talk about your options for a lecture in your club, school or association.

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